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Rent & Grow aims to provide a quality service, secure and at a lower cost, to meet the monthly and annual needs of patients who wish to produce their own medication without risk for their family and home.

Our greenhouse installations perfectly meet the obligations that the federal government has put in place, and make it possible to reduce homes damaged by the indoor cultivation of medical cannabis. We are committed to working with municipalities to bring vacant land or commercial buildings to life, provide jobs to people in the region, and generate income for your municipality. We are the solution to simplify this health and safety issue.

With the new regulations on cannabis for medical purposes put in place by Health Canada, we had the idea to combine business and pleasure by offering a unique service of secure rentals of indoor greenhouses, used for personal cultivation. We started with the construction of the first four cultivation units. Six months later, these were followed by four more units of the same size. Very quickly, the company was faced with strong patient demand, and continued to grow.

Rent & Grow offers cultivation facilities to holders of a prescription and a valid authorization issued by Health Canada, who wish to cultivate their own medical cannabis or who wish to hire a designated producer to do so. We are targeting all holders of a medical cannabis cultivation license for personal use. This untapped market represents a good opportunity to take advantage of our turnkey secure locations.

The management team has the expertise to achieve its goals. Mr. Benoit Cadieux, C.E.O., President, has knowledge and experience in development strategy, public relations techniques, sales and safe greenhouse construction. For his part, Mr. Maxime Fournier, Vice-President, has developed expertise in strategy, finance, sales and business management. It is a duo that complement each other perfectly to move our business forward. So it’s a partnership; a type of structure that responds well to our long-term objectives.

We do not currently offer physical tours to the public, but you can experience one of our locations in 3D from the comfort of your living room. This virtual overview of our facilities provides a comprehensive guided tour that describes each accessory provided to customers.

It is illegal to cultivate medical cannabis for personal use without having Health Canada approval and a valid registration certificate issued by the Canadian government.

The rental contracts signed by two thirds are of a commercial nature and require a mandatory rental of a minimum of 12 months.

The client should refer directly to the Health Canada program: RACFM.

We offer many products in our stores, available on site in each building. We can even deliver them to you if you wish.

Our grow store experts will be happy to answer your questions and guide you to solutions and methods.

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We are currently taking reservations for our next available rooms. Please note that we only offer our services to RACFM licensed patients who have a medical prescription. To discuss the fees associated with a private greenhouse rental, let’s set up a phone appointment together.